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Again, thank you to all the people that have supported my efforts over the years, I will miss you.

"Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart"........... Diary of Ann Frank

Ch. Cristar Donnereign's Shogun left us on June 1, 1998. He will be missed by all of us, especially, Little Red who liked to sit under his chin.

On October 12, 1999, Little Red joined Shogun, and along with Bianca, Satyr and B are waiting for us.

Our Iris joined her aunt Little Red and the rest in July, 2003.

Natti is gone now, too. June, 2004 was a sad month.

Wonderful "Old Scratch" left us way too soon in October 2004.

"One of my Best Friends left me today. When first she came into my life,
She was so small and helpless, But she overflowed with puppy kisses and love.
We grew together, she learned from me, I learned from her.
She taught me how to love with your entire being,
How to live each day to the fullest with no regrets.
I tried hard to learn.
Walking in the park, romping in the snow, Or just sitting by the fire,
She didn't care as long as we were together.
The years followed one after another, And I could see them taking their toll.
The little puppy had turned into a dignified lady.
It took a little longer to get going in the morning,
The bounds up the stairs slowed and she took them one at a time.
Although the eyes were starting to dim, the love in them still shined brightly.
The spirit was still there even if the body didn't respond the same.
As a puppy she had chased life around the yard, Now she was content to sit in a sunbeam
And let it come to her.
Then, way too soon, it was time to say Good Bye.
Time to let go, time let her go to a better place.
A place where it is always Spring, and the Sun always shines.
Now, even though, my house may seem quiet, It is not empty.
She is still there,
In the crackle of the fireplace,
In the unexplained puff of breath next to my chair,
In the breeze in the yard as it chases the leaves around.
There will be other dogs in my life, But they will never replace her.
In their time, they will join her in the special place.
They will all live forever in my heart."
 Roland Hofmeister, December 1987


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This is our girl Tupelo Cristar's All T' Rt Moves. We call her "Tai Chi"

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Here is the newest addition. She is Tai Chi's puppy born on May 28, 2003. Her registered name is Cristar's Kokoa Chai Tea

Kokoa at 2 1/2 weeks old


Kokoa at 4 months


Meet "Scratch". He is a rescue pug that was found roaming around in a northern suburb. We took him in because he was such a wonderful old guy.

This is our last pic of Scratch. We lost him to a mast cell tumor on 10/28/2004

"He came into my life quite unexpectedly.
You might say he was a street dog, a stray,
unloved, unwanted, unknown.
But I could tell that he wasn't a street dog, he
was a gentleman dog, while he was a found
dog with an unknown past,
he had been loved and wanted by someone in
his unknown past.
He walked into my life, moved into my house,
and stole my heart completely.
He fit right in with my three girls.
I lovingly referred to them as the Bitches of Eastwick,
so he just had to be called Old Scratch.
He was quite the character, that gentleman pug,
with ears that stood half-way up, a wry smile and
a little too much nose for a proper pug.
Even though he may not have been a proper pug, he was dignified.
He put up with the three girls and the abuse of the puppy.
He never complained.
He had only one rule for the girls-don't mess with my food dish.
He would go out and make the rounds of the back 40 and
on the cold days he would find a spot on the south side of the garage
where he could sit in the sun.
His hearing failed so he couldn't hear us but he knew he was special and loved.
I think he liked playing the I can't hear you, so if I don't look at you,
I don't have to come back into the house game.
At first, it was just a little skin tumor that I took off.
But it came back, deeper in the neck.
I tried chemotherapy and it seemed to disappear.
But it came back. I removed it surgically again.
But it came back. This time it was growing slowly,
then suddenly it started growing very fast and was inoperable now.
I tried a couple of different chemo drugs and that slowed it for a little while.
When it started up again, the chemo treatments made him so sick
that I couldn't put him through them anymore.
Finally, one night he said he was too tired and he was so sorry but
it was time for him to leave me.
I always thought that when the time came
I would want someone to help and support him and me in the end.
However, deep inside, we both knew that at the end,
it had to be like it started,
just the two of us.
So at 10:30pm one night,
we drove up to my clinic together....and I drove home alone.
To borrow a quote from the Bard of Avon,
'Now cracks a noble heart.
Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.'

Good bye Scratch, you are missed."


                                                                                                                                                                                                    Roland Hofmeister, October 29, 2004

The Webmaster's 2000 Honda Valkyrie. The bike has a 1520cc horizontally opposed 6 cylinder engine with Cobra 6 into 6 drag pipes. As you can see it sports new paint by a fantastic airbrush artist in Lincolnton, NC, Robert Norris (Robbiescustomshowpaint.net). A supercharger was added in the winter of 2004-5. It was on the Dyno in August, 2006 and came in at 130.4 HP. Current plans for the "Dragon" include a carb modification over the winter of 2008-09 that promises to put the bike at 200HP. It spent the winter of 2005-6 in Lincolnton, NC where Robbie Norris re-designed and repainted the Valk. It was gorgeous the first time but you can see that it is unbelievable now.

This pic was taken by my good friend Randy Clark when I visited him in August, 2004 before my ride up the Blue Ridge Parkway

Here is the new "Dragon"  It has a red "marble" undercoat with airbrushed fire, Dragon, and Kanji

Officially the Valkyrie is "The Spirit of the Dragon"





The back of the matching helmet


Pugpourri   January, 1998 issue

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